Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

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Who Am I?

28413_773532767026_484200_nHi everyone! My name is Caitlin Langan. I’m a PA licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and NASM certified personal trainer. I have an education in family therapy and a passion for fitness, which has resulted in a career that involves helping people discover an overall sense of healing – from the muscles to the mind! I work from a systemic approach that explores how relationships, personal environment, and behavior shape our everyday emotions and sense of well-being. I combine mental and physical wellness in my practice every day in order to help clients recognize the negative patterns that hold them back, overcome challenges, feel in charge of their lives, and realize how healthy living and healthy thinking are incredibly intertwined!

“Healthy Mind, Healthy Body” aims to provide a comprehensive mind-body wellness approach for my clients (children and adults) that promotes a sense of ownership, confidence, and capability over one’s life. I worked for 5 years as a in-home family & child therapist, and having been a relatively active and fit person all my life, began to notice just how great of a link there was between physical and mental health in the people I treated. I began to use exercise as a supplemental intervention for children with emotional disturbances, and, by involving their parents, began to notice a greater ability for these children to process and handle their emotions, on top of improving their family relationships.

Thus, “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body” was born. If adherence to a healthy lifestyle, self-image, motivation, or relationship concerns (past or present) interfere with one’s ability to feel “healthy”, I provide both the counseling and coaching to break unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting in an effort for clients to experience long-lasting change. With children, (normally ages 8 and up), I help them experience fitness as something successful, fun, and confidence-boosting (as opposed to scary, anxiety-provoking, or a “chore”). I get children’s family’s involved to explore how unhealthy patterns expand beyond the child and help parents create change that will support a healthy, happy kid (on top of family lifestyle). ” My programming can be used for children/adults simply struggling with weight or self-esteem issues, OR if it goes deeper than that and emotional or relationship concerns are prevalent.
officepic1I also offer traditional family, individual, and adolescent counseling from the comforts of my counseling room at Summit Spine & Wellness. If you are struggling with emotional or relationship concerns, please reach out today to see how I can help. You can read more about my specialties on my personal page at Psychology Today, as well.

A little about how a healthy lifestyle helps me : I was always a relatively active individual, but over the past three years became very invested in my own personal sense of well-being. For me, that meant becoming a long-distance runner (ran my first marathon in January of 2013!), avid Crossfit enthusiast (shout out to Crossfit Conshohocken my home box!), and recognizing how much my emotions, anxieties, relationships, stressors, and even diet played a roll in my physical endeavors. I went from saying things like, “I could never do that” to “I can’t believe I did that!” and developed a strong desire to help others feel the same sense of accomplishment. I’m hopeful that through my practice, others will become educated, interested, and inspired to strive for head-to-toe wellness in their lives as well!

If you are interested in counseling or would like to learn more about fitness therapy, please note I am currently accepting new referrals for in-home and in-office programming! If you’d like more information, please contact me at or call 267–341-7216. 


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