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Here you’ll find some helpful links to various pages, places, and people who I feel support and encourage a healthy mind, healthy body lifestyle 🙂 (a long with some places/links I just truly adore!) Happy browsing! : This just in! Healthy Mind, Healthy Body will be practicing Tuesdays & Fridays (to start) out of a wonderful wellness center in Roxborough – Summit Spine & Wellness. Dr. Lenny Roberts & his staff aim to promote healthy living to all who walk in their door. From bodily aches & pains, to massages, to personal training, to getting that darn kink out of your neck from “poor text posture” (no more of that for me!!) – Dr. Lenny and his staff are sure to have your wellness solution. Come check out my new counseling space, complete with a fitness facility! Child Guidance Resource Centers: A private, non-profit community organization dedicated to providing quality behavioral healthcare and educational services for children and their families. CGRC’s mission involves helping children & their families experience health and happiness through a multitude of therapeutic services. Contact 484-454-8700 for more information, as well. Find a therapist in your area if you are struggling or in need of guidance. I invite you to check out my professional page on Psychcology Today and read more about my specialties and the services I provide. : Crossfit Conshohocken, my home box for crossfit and a wonderful, motivational place for achieving your fitness goals! A very user-friendly Paleo diet blog with a slew of delicious recipes (and I thoroughly enjoy her posts, to boot!) Core Fitness of Philadelphia coins themselves as an alternative to a traditional gym… and boy, are they right! Core Fit’s personal training, fitness classes, running groups, and more offer people at every level of fitness a chance to recognize their potential. Check out their website here. You can check out a boot camp for free! A wonderful resource for rehabilitative fitness and more. Joy Carey’s practice at Hawthorne Community Health Center (12 & Carpenter) is home to not only the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill (I tried it, and as a runner with hip/knee issues, it was awesome!) but also Thai Massage. Joy & Samantha Falhauber offer Thai Massage as a compliment to cardio/body work, and I can attest (as a client) that I felt very energized and (most importantly) stretched and loose after one session! Check them out!

Also, check me out on Thumbtack! Healthy Mind, Healthy Body is listed on Thumbtack as a professional personal training and counseling resource for greater Philadelphia! Take a look at this URL (


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  1. […] class for their fun yet challenging boot camp (great for any fitness level): Check them out on my resources […]

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