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Why January 1?

Where in the world did 2013 go?! Does anybody else feel like they blinked and year went by? Maybe it’s just me and my insanely roller-coaster-y year I had, but it’s hard to believe I’m already sitting in my parents kitchen smelling Christmas cookies when it feels like just yesterday I was ringing in 2013. Time to start looking ahead to next year!

Being in the fitness AND counseling world, this time of year, I’ve noticed, gets a lot of people thinking. It also brings a lot of excuses (myself included) to put off those thoughts until January 1. This phenomenon always puzzled me – why, when we feel a need for growth or major change, do we put it off until a “new year”? Yes, the holiday season is full of parties, cookies, shopping, family get-togethers, and various other tasks that tend to make us busier and less thoughtful of ourselves. That being said, a lot of people take time off thinking of their personal needs to care for others during the holidays too (not at all a bad thing, and I love seeing the acts of charity and kindness that happen this time of year). Still, I often question why hitting the gym, let alone taking care of our minds & bodies, takes a backseat until 1/1.

This is especially puzzling to me given the number of New Years resolutions that have to do with bettering our physical and mental states. Ideas like, “I want to be more patient”, “I want to reduce stress and lower my BP”, “I want to take more time for myself” are not uncommon. So… maybe THAT’s why everybody at the local mall seemed so darn MISERABLE!? (See previous post). What promises did we make to ourselves the PREVIOUS New Years that we’ve totally lost by December? This is my concern for these (once hopeful) goals we create for ourselves.

Here’s my plea: Make yourself a realistic, motivating, and growth-promoting list for 2014 – and start now. Take a look at what may have fallen apart last year (for me, I vowed to stretch and relax my body more, and I am now writing this with a muscle stim machine on my hip and a tube of Biofreeze nearby…. oops.) Think about what it will take to carry these resolutions all year long, so that when 2015 rolls around you can look back and stay “I never stopped working on ______, good for me!” Pick something for your body, something for your mind, and something for your relationships. Be that person who is STILL at the gym come April when everybody else has dropped off, or who has finally committed to a therapeutic or mentoring process to combat emotional/mental blocks once-and-for-all.

You can now ALL be my accountabila-buddies, because I’ll share with you some of my 2014 items that I’m working on AS we speak:

1.) I want to feel confident, comfortable, and financially secure in my career after taking a major leap of faith in 2013.

2.) I want to bounce back from some muscle wear & tear and obtain a new PR for a half-marathon in April (which will require LOTS of TLC on my bod… something I didn’t do enough of last year)

3.) I want to reduce sweating the small stuff, thus reducing irritability & stress.

These are all things I’ve been striving for all year long (minus being nice to my body… I learned a LOT of about muscle fatigue and compensation this year and what NOT to do!!!), but will dial it up in 2014. It has been an amazing year with many ups-and-downs, and who knows what 2014 will bring for you or for me. But, I ask that you (as I will be doing) use your resolutions as a foundation for your year, not just a suggestion of something you will try. Ground yourself in them. Think back to them when June rolls along and something has gotten away from you. Call them “life resolutions” and discover what will help you continue to grow with them as years pass. What’s the old saying? “Don’t put off to tomorrow what can be done today”?

I wish all my readers, friends, family, clients, co-workers, neighbors, and MORE a very, very, healthy and happy holiday season!

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