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“Accountabila-Buddies” (aka Partnership & Fitness = Success!)

on August 13, 2013

running buddiesNod up and down if you are guilty of any of the following scenarios:

1.) You are out on what should be a 3+ mile run and for a variety of reasons (fatigue, weather, your IPod list is not pumping you up, etc.) you decide to turn around at mile 2 and “call it”.

2.) You are at the gym and turn a “10 second rest” into a 3 minute long visit to your e-mail on your phone.

3.) You second guess your ability to use the 8 pound handweights at the gym (even though you’ve successfully done so before), so you think “Eh, I’d rather not overdo it” and reach for the 5-pounders.

4.) You hit the snooze to the point where you don’t even have time to exercise before work.

Now, I can’t see if you are nodding or not (therefore, cannot hold you accountable) BUT, I’m guessing, if you’re anything like me, one of these scenarios rang a familiar bell. Enter this week’s post: The importance of your accountabila-buddy.

I will childishly admit that I stole this term from Butters on “South Park”, but regardless, I think there’s something to be said about having somebody to support and encourage you as you work towards your fitness goals. I am a huge advocate of the idea that it’s up to YOU to ultimately achieve your goals, but that being said, I’ve learned first hand the importance of coaches, friends, partners, and fitness class-mates in providing an extra “boost”.

When I first started running, I was that girl in scenario #1. In fact, the first time I ran 6+ miles, I remember complaining about 75% of the time. However, I didn’t turn around. My “buddy” had decided since I was tackling a new goal, it may be important to run alongside me and provided encouragement. Turns out, this REALLY helped. Just somebody to say “You can do it”, “Keep going”, or “Try and pick up the pace” not only helped me complete 6 miles, but made me feel proud of this accomplishment, too. From here, I joined a very supportive Crossfit (see my post on that sense of community and continued to recognize how people believing in me and supporting my goals only fueled my drive to succeed. Now, as I train others, I work hard to hold them accountable to what they set out to acheive – from being a better runner, to feeling stronger, to being able to jump from a 3 lb to 5 lb weight – It’s been shared with me that having a weekly “reminder” of why a trainer was contacted in the first place provides more motivation then goin’ it alone.

Aside from the wonderful coaches, trainers, counselors, and mentors that are out there to hold you accountable, many of us have loved ones that can do the job, as well. I came across an atricle entitled, “The Perfect Workout Partner: Why Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together” ( and felt it spoke to the importance of motivating your loved one through his/her goals (and accomplishing them, together!). Making your partner your “accountabila-buddy” means when you go to hit the snooze, he/she blocks your hand and throws you your running shoes. It means there’s somebody who every day can say “You’ve got this” and is there to hand you the ice pack after a tough workout (or, give you a massage if you’re lucky!). I love training couples. Not only can you have fun with it (did somebody say “partner burpees”?!), but it’s awesome to watch people motivating and believing in each other throughout the workout. I can attest to the fact that I run harder, better, and feel stronger, when my “accountabila-buddy” (aka boyfriend) is present and/or watching. You know that person would never look down on you, but it makes you want to try that much more to give them another reason to be proud.

I’d love to hear stories of “accountabila-buddy” success! Who inspires you? Do you remember a particular coach, mentor, trainer, or teacher that helped push you to reach your goals? Feel free to leave your experiences in the comments below. In the meantime, go grab a buddy and continue to work towards being a better you!


Some of my favorite “accountabila-crossfit-buddies” … wouldn’t have as much gym success without their everyday support and inspiration!

Happy Buddies, everyone 🙂


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